Trigger - Digital input and Digital output


I have one problem. I have one generic digital input and one relay (digital output). I have made two triggers, one fire when digital input go to high - my relay go high and other when digital input go to low - my relay go low. The problem is response time from changing the input to response the output. Sometimes response time is more then 5 seconds. Maybe you can make some changes for improve this or maybe you can check if the “If” device and “then” device are on the same raspberry pi, first to make change on the raspberry pi and after that to “inform” cloud server for occurred change.

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Hi @prontoo,

Are your Pi’s on Wifi? That could be a contributing factor.

We are iteratively making improvements to triggers, hope you will notice faster times in future.


Tnx bastes,

I also wry directly on LAN cable but the delay is the same. I will try again from time to time.