Trigger on Proximity Sensor


I have successfully added a Sharp proximity sensor with the MPC3008 A/D, but I cannot create a trigger. I can set a trigger with the temp diode on a separate channel of the A/D, but the Proximity sensor does not show up in my Raspberry Pi project. Thank you!


If you have a lot of sensors you may have to scroll on the drop down. It should look like the picture below though, can you send a screen shot?


I think that, -if you have the Prox sensor connected to the MCP3008,
-you won’t “see” the Prox sensor on the dashboard choices.

You’ll only see the MCP3008 digital outputs,
-that you can “name”, assign/associate on the dashboard,
after you assign the MCP extention.

I prolly worded that poorly…


This is correct, I misread what you were doing there. You can just select the channel on the MCP3008 to create a trigger for you proximity sensor.