Trigger reset value in dashboard and graph


I made a simple test program in Python and made a trigger.
When the temperature is above 24 then the button will be high.“1”

Now i see that when the thrigger gets triggered the value of temperature becomes zero in dashboard and graph and then the corect value again.

When i switch the trigger off, then this is not happening, also when i click multiple time on the button. value goes not to zero.

Python_code.txt (1.1 KB)

this is something new. Do you get any error in the terminal when the trigger runs?

Hi ,
I attached the log of the terminal below.

I found one issue . that was that the trigger on my phone app was button channel 1 while i changed it to channel 10 on the website. After i changed the rule in my phone app also to same channel (10) it worked well for me. See diffrence in log file. looks like its solved now.

Cayenne_Python_terminal_log.txt (1.4 KB)

Do not use app, remove the trigger and add it again from the web dashboard. we are facing some issue with app.