Trouble with event timer

I would like to be able schedule a 30 minute timer to run(set GPIO3 to true) on the first or every other month, I have set it up using the event timer but it fails to work. Is there a flaw in the web page? Do I need to add code for this to work. is there a way to do this without using the web or app. My concern is if it turned on this pin and then failed to shut it off after because the internet is down I would have trouble.


till now there is no timer function available with cayenne, but will shortly come. there is an alternative have to do this use two button widget(on and off) and schedule on button at x am/pm and schedule off button at x+30 am/pm. then program to read the value of button and turn on/off your device.

can you give more detail about this? which widget you are using and code.

if you search for this on google, you might get some solution.

can you give more detail about your project so as we can give a solution to avoid this problem.

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If the timer is being run in your own code and driven by a “monthly, every 2 months” event, I don’t see why this wouldn’t work. Could you share a screenshot of the event detail you’ve set up so I can help troubleshoot?