Trying to register RAK 811 tracker & getting error

Finally managed to get my RAK 811 trackernode working. I am trying to register it as a Cayenne LPP.

When I enter my devices Dev_EUI it is telling me it is already registered. I thought the Dev_EUI’s were unique?

My Dev_EUI is 60C5A8FFFE000010

Is that DEV_EUI already in the database?

Hi @ikilby ,

Where did you obtain that deveui? Is this from a tutorial or manufacturer’s manual?

No that deveui was pulled directly from my RAK 811 trackernode via the USB port

Can you try to slightly modify that deveui to make it unique?

I can modify it. Wether or not it will be unique - i have no idea. Going to be a bit of a guessing game.

Anyway will try. I assumed the Device EUI set on these things would be unique like Ethernet MAC addresses.

Obviously not :slight_smile:

They should be, but that is up to the device manufacturer.