Use M2Mqtt with Cayenne from Windows 10


I am using M2Mqtt on my windows 10 core on a raspberry PI. I want to add the device to the Bring your own thing section so I can push some sensor data (right now from a temperature sensor). Is anyone using the MQTT option on windows 10 right now? If so, do you mind sharing a little code to publish and subscribe to messages? To start, all I want is for an LED to go on if the temp gets over 72 degrees, and off if it is under 72 degrees. Can anyone help me in this direction? I think once understand how this works, I can continue to use Cayenne instead of moving to another platform.




That’s an interesting request. Unfortunately I don’t think I can get to it for a while but you have sparked my interested. I installed Windows 10 Core when it first came out and found it incredibly hard to use. If I remember correctly I wanted to write some .net code and run it on a Pi and later found out it wouldn’t even run it so I gave up on it. Hopefully by now they have streamlined the whole process a bit.


They have quite a bit. I too abandoned the Windows 10 core and went back to python, but Microsoft has really stepped up their game and other IoT companies are now including drivers for .NET and the community has swollen. As a c# developer, I want to leverage those skills as well as Visual Studio and the tools it brings to development. Creating Universal Windows Programs now run on the PI really well and are maturing quickly.

That said, I will continue to look at using MQTT in Windows with Cayenne and see what I can get done and share my joys and sorrows.