What happens if I run the same configuration of cayenne on several machines?

I’m using cayenne with several raspberry pi 3.
I have a base configuration which I clone, and then I customize a few things on each of the pis.
In one instance I cloned cayenne as part of the base configuration, by mistake.
So I had the same configuration of cayenne running on 3 different machines.

It seems to have created problems on other parts of the config, in particular with a programme I use to upload files to Amazon S3, s3cmd, but I’m still not fully sure how what has happened.

I’m curious to get other people’s thought on what could have created this problem.


I’ve not tried this myself, but I’d be concerned that Cayenne wont see each Pi as a unique device on your dashboard since we generate something called a Machine ID for each Pi, and cloning it would bring this Machine ID along to a different PI.

If feasible for your situation, I’d suggest installing Cayenne individually on each Pi through the Add New Device process.