Why the long delay?


I have a Mega connected to a Mac.
I have a simple LED attached to one digital pin, and an analog sensor attached to an analog pin. I can switch the light on and off with no delay using a button. I can move the pot (analog input) and see an immediate response on the widget in the dashboard.

However, when I make a trigger to turn the LED on when the sensor value gets to a certain point and turn off when it falls below a certain point, it is very very very slow. I mean like a minute or more before the trigger causes the LED to change state. Is it supposed to be this slow? How do I make it so the LED is operating at the same time as the gauge widget? Doesn’t seem right that the delay should be at times several minutes, or not work at all.
Thank you!


Well it’s working now. Must have been server side cause I did not change it.


I was just typing a response, but yes, we suspect it was server side. After discussing with our QA team it sounds like yesterday’s update may have created some issues with trigger performance.

As you can (hopefully) see right now, they are pretty surprisingly fast when they are working properly, despite needing to process the logic in the cloud and send the result back to your device.

Certainly, if you see issues with triggers taking more than a few seconds to fire when the threshold condition has been reached, I’d like to know about it, so feel free to drag up this thread, PM me, or create a new one.


I figure I should get out ahead of this and say we are seeing delays on triggers again internally. Will update as soon as I know more.


There is also another problem with using a slider to control the brightness of a LED. I used that code you kindly provided, but it is not stable. It jumps to a very high value and goes full on after a couple of seconds when I control it with the iOS and I can only get it full off or full on in the OS dashboard. Any suggestions?