Widgets update

is it possible to add free text to widgets to separate the smart home or iot zones? It is also possible to make a simple alarm indicator for visual notification.Very much missing.

can you provide more info on both. i could not understand what you want.

create custom text and alarm light if the temperature is higher or just on pin 1 - or 0

custom text widgets only are not available, not sure why you want a text widget. you can change the name of the widget to whatever you want.
For alarm you mean to show the time or to set a schedule for an actuator?

I have temperature sensors , when the temperature rises, there should be a visual notification in the form of colors, I found only an indicator
Gauge Display Widget. there are 3 colors but it doesn’t work well in the phone.

you can use a two state widget which have change colour when the condition becomes true.

this is a known issue, and hence it is advisable to use the web dashboard for the gauge widget.

2 State Widget?

try Cayenne.virtualWrite(VIRTUAL_CHANNEL, currentState, "digital_sensor", "d");
where currentState state can be either 1 or 2. this is two state widget.