Windows Phone app Support Requests

Hi All,

I’ve received several requests for Windows phone app support. I want to track all requests here. This will help the Cayenne team gauge the level of interest, and help us determine if it makes sense to devote resources to the Windows phone app endeavor.

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I would like to see some support for windows phone please

I don’t have a windows phone and would personally say its probably not worth it. There have been rumors going around that Microsoft is going to scrap windows phone soon ( That being said, Windows phones are still out there and new models are still being developed. May or may not be worth the time/effort.

Yes, that will be great!! But please make a Windows Universal apps, that will run on Windows Phone as well as any PC/Tablet running latest Windows OS. I think Microsoft even have free tools to easily recompile your iOS apps to the Windows Universal apps…

That’s not a bad idea at all

Was going to chime in with Universal support so it can run on all it’s Win10 based devices (possibly Win10- IoT too, can test that on the RasPi2) then XBOX, Mobile, PC and who knows what should be able to use it.

The Win10-IoT team was a big part of the RPi3b launch this morning with Mr. Upton and the Raspberry Pi team.


I would be interested in the project if I could use it on my Windows Phone!

I Would be allso glad to get an Windows Phone 8.1 oder 10 App. *Still hope Microsoft will deploy WIN 10 for my Lumia soon.

There is this bridge project to convert iOS apps into Windows Apps within Minutes. Its worth a try.

A Windows Universal App would be amazing. Would be great for our phones and Win 10 PCs thanks! As @ovikay mentioned - you can convert iOS apps to Windows apps with the Windows Bridge for iOS Windows Dev Center | Microsoft Developer

A single Windows 10 Universal App could run across all Windows devices, iOS devices, and Android devices - take a look at Xamarin Forms

Would be great to have a Win10 universal App for my Windows phone and my win10 tablet!

Would love a windows phone app!

Yes please! :slight_smile:

I’d like to see a Windows App too. :slight_smile:

Noted! :slight_smile:

I too would love to see a Cayenne Universal Windows App. specifically mobile, Desktop and XBOX.

As others have said Microsoft seem to be making huge efforts to help developers create the core code once and deploy on multiple platforms with a few tweaks. That would include, Windows Mobile (phones), Desktop, Tablet, XBOX, IOT (Raspberry Pi etc), Hololens and with Xamarind converters for IOS and Android.


Please Windows 10 UWP App!!!

Please for develop Cayenne UWP :slight_smile: :relaxed:

I also use Windows phone all the time, please make windows phone app. Currently there’s no way to view the dashboard in windows phone device. Browser does not work…