WOL - Wake on LAN - Button on Dashboard?

Would it be possible to have a button on the dashboard for WOL so I can send a magic packet to wake my server PC up when outside/inside the house.
Currently run a script on python to do that after opening up SSH but a button on the dashboard would be the dog’s.


Edit: “wake my server” should read “wake my server PC

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I think that might be a bit difficult/impossible without opening ports on your router. Might be feasible if you have a pi turned on at all times that could act as the wol server. I could see it being useful

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Hi ats1080s,
The Pi is always on, 24/7/365. It means I can log in thru an open port via SSH and get it to send a magic packet to wake the server on the internal network. If the internal Pi can send a WOL to wake the server then I thought a button on the desktop would be able to achieve the same. The request now seems similar to an idea that a button could run a python script.

Ah, ok. I thought by server you meant the Pi. Yeah, you could certainly also do it with a python script when that feature is released too.

Apologies, I should have mentioned the server was a headless windows pc. Internally I can use a WOL app on an android phone but externally I SSH into an always on RPi and run a Python script.