Working with multiple Projects - Schedules

So from what I can tell there’s no way to create a trigger or schedule based on a widget in a project, it has to be from the device itself. So, I would expect to see the results you are seeing. @rsiegel I think it would be helpful to be able to create triggers/schedules based on a project (just alias it). However, that wouldn’t solve @dacdiver’s problem.

In the meantime @dacdiver you should be able to set up triggers for each of your “Occupied” and “Un-Occupied” conditions and enable/disable as necessary but that still leaves the day/night problem as I’m sure no one wants to manually turn triggers on/off every day. If you are decent at coding you can certainly work around all of this but it’s going to turn in to a pretty complex little project and that’s not the goal of Cayenne. @rsiegel adding a schedule for triggers is definitely something I can see being useful.