Wrong icons in android version of Cayenne app

Hello Everyone,

In mobile version of android Cayenne app I’ve notice couple of issue. Besides the known issue with sliders I’ve noticed also the issue with icons.

In attached picture you can see (in red area) which icon are depicted wrongly (looks like chines characters).

BTW: I haven’t been here a while, what’s new? :slight_smile:


That’s an odd one - have not seen this before. Could you confirm the Android app version you have (as well as your phone model and Android version?) Let me know if you need help to find any of these things.

Would you be opposed to sharing your account login/password via a private message on Slack where we’ve spoken earlier? I’d really like to see if this reproduces on our test devices when logging into your same account, and what icon those widgets have on web. My instinct is that this might be specific to your device or some setting on it – but that would help to confirm if it is an app issue.

After speaking with our Android dev, he thinks a failure of our custom dev font to load and the system is falling back to some other font which has Chinese characters in place of our glyphs. It may be worth trying clearing app data / uninstall-reinstall (your data won’t be lost – it’s pulled down from the Cayenne server on a fresh login) to see if it was a one time failure or something specific to the configuration of your device.

In addition to the information I asked for above, he’s also interested in if your Android device is rooted, and a list of the installed fonts, if you can find that in the Settings anywhere.

Hello @rsiegel,

the information you have asked for:

App Version of Cayenne: 1.3.3
Phone model: Honor 9 STF-L09
Android version: 7.0
Rooted phone: No root, no custom ROM - I’m using stock EMUI ROM
Fonts: I believe also default one

Did you have any luck in clearing App Data / re-installing the Cayenne app?

I forgot to mentioned in previous post - I’ve tried to clean app data. I didn’t reinstal the app - as I did a fresh install on new phone so I believe re-install won’t solve it :wink:

Edit: I’ve performed Stop Application → Clean App data → Uninstall application → Install once more time. Unfortunately no luch, the chines character still in place

Hint: maybe it is coupled with the fact I’m using the “advanced” icon for them and the default one? I.e. if you take a look on the screenshot you see that “Zandar at home” widget has icon win “1” or “0” BUT in desktop verion there is “the person icon”.


We’re tracking this and will get fixed…probably after the new year. Thank you for reporting and testing @michal.z4nd4r!


I had similar issue, icons are displaying properly, but they were not the ones i have set using desktop/web page.
I deleted them in app, and added them back using app and they show properly.
Looks like some synchronization issue.