Trigger Troubleshooting


So today, without changing anything my end I’m happy to report my triggers started working again. Sensor is attached to Channel 43 and always worked but without triggers. Now triggers are SMS and emailing me. Don’t know what happened, must be something you guys have found, because I’ve done nothing.


Triggers are working. Without any changes on my part.
Thanks to the developers!
There is one question left:
do not work Online / Offline triggers
This is clearly a developer error. For these triggers, I did not write any code.
Will this bug be fixed?


@den_box @ryates2 @samarchri Hey guys, checking in - how have the triggers been over last days?


Yes working perfectly.


Yes working perfectly Benny and I’ve been hitting them pretty hard as I
troubleshoot a sensor my end.




Hi @bestes
this morning, triggers working very well


@samarchri @ryates2 Thanks for the update guys!



My triggers are working.
But triggers do not work online / offline


Triggers “online” and “offline” do not work.


Hi @den_box, apologies for the trouble. Can I assume that the device you’re having trouble with these triggers on is connected via MQTT? We’re aware of an issue with MQTT device online/offline triggers aren’t firing at this time.

I’ll update as soon as its fixed – until then, if it is an Pi/Arduino/ESP8266 and these online/offline triggers are important for you, the workaround would be to connect via the respective non-MQTT options in the Cayenne UI (ESP8266 can unofficially be connected ‘as an Arduino’ in Cayenne following the steps in this post). The non-MQTT options should have functioning online/offline triggers.