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Community Help With My Project

Need help with how to use Cayenne with a project you are working on? Use this category to get feedback from the Cayenne team as well as other members of the Cayenne community.

Ideas / Suggestions

Have an idea for Cayenne?

Projects Made with Cayenne

Please share your awesome projects you have made with myDevices Cayenne!

The Library

This category was created to contain Cayenne best practices and moderated code examples to help you with your projects! We will keep adding topics to The Library as we see code created by Cayenne users.

Bugs / Issues

We have provided a template for you when you create the topic. Following the template and giving us as much information as possible will help us quickly fix it.

General IoT Discussion

This category is for all things Internet of Things (IoT).

Cayenne API's

This category is for all discussion around Cayenne's API's Use them to do anything and everything!


This category was created to house all related topics and posts about contests, hackathons, etc.


This category will house all LoRa and LoRaWAN conversation and interaction! Not sure what LoRa or LoRaWAN is? Read about it here:


Helpful, interesting, IoT articles shared with the Cayenne IoT community!


We are happy to receive so many questions about Cayenne from you. Since some questions are really popular, we summarized them for you here.


This category will house videos for myDevices Cayenne.


This category is a holding place for topics that can be archived, which helps clean up the forum.