Internet redundancy?

Hello! I’ve just set up a Arduino Mega on cyenne, it is pretty cool and I’m really excited about the platform. But I have immediately ran into a problem with my project. Having in mind that cyenne works only on line, is there a way to execute a “safety” code in case the internet connection is no longer available?
for example I want to integrate a heating element and a sensor. If the internet connection is intrerrupted while the heating element is on, it will stay on until the device gets online again and that could be a dangerous sittuation. I would need the Arduino to execute a simple code if there is no response from the cayene server/no internet connection (ex: to turn off the heating element, or keep the temperature at a pre established value)
Thank you.

I second this, I think it would be good if things like timers and locally connected devices would function as normal. I have literally just installed, so I’ll test and find out!

So I set up a trigger to reboot my pi at a certain time, I ran the trigger a few times to make sure it was working and sure enough my pi would reboot at that time. So I set the timer again and made sure to give it plenty of time to update from the web app to the pi, then I turned the pi’s wi-fi off just before the allotted time - no reboot.

Is it possible for the app to install commands onto the pi to be run locally? Something as simple as ‘at X time, reboot’ shouldn’t require prompting from a webserver. What did we install as part of the Cayenne set-up to our pi’s, could you do it from that?

There is an online/offline function that you can use. There’s a thread here that goes over it.

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