Question about PIR and Light


Hi to all i am new in this world of IoT, and i have a little question, i set up a PIR sensor, when the value change i make a triggers to get one light turn ON but its just for a moment its possible to get the light ON like a 30 secs or more? and later turn of automatically

Iam ussing Raspberry PI 2 B

thanks to all and sorry :slight_smile:



Currently it’s not possible, but if you want to explore Node-RED you can get it working with a combination on Node-RED and Cayenne. Here is a very tutorial on setting everything up Using Node-RED as a Local Fallback Server Basically coming off the Cayenne Input MQTT node you can put a delay node for x seconds and then after that a change node to change the payload to 1 or 0 then after that a Raspberry Pi GPIO out node to actually turn your light off.