Analog to digital converter input level multiplier

I would like to have a couple of MCP3208 inputs configured to measure voltage (12v and 24v for a DC solar project). I have a 10:1 voltage divider made up (7.5k and 68k resistor), so 24v ends up 2.4v. Vref is 3.3v allowing me to measure up to 33v.
It would be nice to have a option to set up a multiplier on the displayed output so instead of 24v actually reading 2.4v, it reads 24v.

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I agree, it is a good suggestion. For now there are a few workarounds depending on your platform (Pi or Arduino). Let me know if you want to try and I’ll make some suggestions.

Thanks Adam, its a PI (vers 3 B). Any help would be appreciated!

It will take some coding but it’s a good learning experience. You can use the MQTT API to send values to the dashboard in a variety of ways, the easiest I think is python. In your Python script you can do the calculations and send the correct values. You can see an example here where I’m sending values from a DHT11/DHT22 sensor to the dashboard.

Thanks for the info Adam.