Arduino mega offline


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ESP8266 showing offline and more

I have an Arduino Mega and W5100 ethernet shield on a project which has been running quite well for a few months - just a couple of restarts, thats it.
In the past week though, my device has been offline more than online. Are there any known issue with this setup at the moment?


Could you share the latest serial monitor output? We’re aware of an issue right now where Arduino device can display as ‘offline’ even though the Arduino is really still online (no disconnection shown in the serial monitor, and even sensors and actuators still function/update despite the ‘offline’ banner displayed.


I’m away at the moment but will do so as soon as I get back in a couple of days.


Home today and started the serial monitor - which of course resets the mega. All operating as it should so far!
Soo… not sure what happened - only that I got on a plane to cross to the other side of Australia and when I got off I had about 60 SMS’s on my phone to say that Cayenne was offline (I have a trigger for that). It never went back on line until I reset it today.
Not sure if that describes a symptom and is helpful?


Every little data point helps, so I appreciate your reporting. I was working on this with our engineering manager yesterday and we’re able to reproduce it with both MQTT devices and Raspberry Pi’s – we’ve seen it on Arduino as well, just need to nail down reproduction steps there as a first step toward fixing this. Each of these device types is handled a little differently on our end, so we need to tackle them individually.


Hi @cr.stubbs

I wanted to revisit this post from a few months back and see if you would mind trying this tutorial I just wrote up on how to convert your sketch file from our Cayenne Arduino Library to Cayenne Arduino MQTT.

We believe this MQTT connectivity is more stable and fault-tolerant than our original Arduino connectivity and would be interested to hear if you see that as well and if it improves the connectivity issues you were seeing. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need assistance with converting your code following the steps in that post!