Cayenne-Arduino go offline after a day


I have a issue with my arduino-w5100 and cayenne. After about a day go off-line. I tried doing a ping to the device and responds properly, so it’s correctly connected to internet but not to cayenne. After a reset it’s work for a day and then go offline.

What could be your problem ?

What test can I do to try to isolate the problem? I’m going crazy :tired_face:




When it goes offline - can you look down at the bottom of the page to see when the last packet data is sent. Is it approximately when the device is offline (for example 4 hours ago) or is this value is a few second from your local time?


Yes , in the bottom ( of browser ) there is that the device Last data packet sent with a date and time for xx hour ago.


Is it the same as the hours that it goes offline?


yes. it’s the last time were is on-line


It is very weird. Can you post your code here or on PM ?


I send you pm. thanks


We will test some changes in the code and report tomorrow if the issue is gone.


Hi all,
I insert delay(3000) in loop to prevent overcharge and issue of offline.
After 12 hour test it’s already connected but there is another issue.

I have trigger that send a SMS and a email if arduino go off-line , i received in there last 12 hour over 60 sms and email. One one every about 30 minutes. However until now arduino return on-line after few second.

Since the modify of insert delay in loop I received a sms every five/six hour that I thought it was normal, because the XDSL line can have the down moments.

I continue the test for other 24 hour…I hope so



No way, after about 48 hour , arduino go off-line. I can not find the solution of the problem.

Any suggestions to try.



Very strange problem.


Seems there is more people having the same issue, I will try to let my Arduino all night


Well,(Arduino uno with W5100 shield), two desconnections throughout the night, so strange… Perhaps a little bit of instability? There are a few bugs which cayenne team are working on.


Maybe it is a network issue that affect the platform?


Same thing going on here. After few hours of working Arduino went offline.
Network connection is ok. Using W5100 shield.

Any of you guys figured out how to solve this?


I try with a delay in loop. The arduino go off every 30 minutes ( but return on line after few minutes ) , now i try with a smaller delay. I will keep you informed of developments.


I realized that my Arduino needs to be connected to PC with USB cable. When I connect it just to 9V external power source even with high amperage it´s failing. Need to figure out how to solve this.


That’s odd. Is it an official Arduino?


Okey, Now I have used two Arduinos - One with Shield and one that is Arduino Wifi + separate esp module. They have never gone offline!


Well, In my case an Arduino with ethernet module now works OK, but my MKR1000 disconnects sometimes