Arduino PH sensor


I am looking to use a PH sensor i would like to get the data on Cayenne .

I would like to know if it will work if i use custom widget , from what i saw you need to upload a program on arduino to calibrate but when the calibration is done would i get the right result on the dashboard?

Thank in advance

you can use a custom widget and add your sensor output reading in that widget and send data to cayenne using custom widget. Let me know if you don’t know how to use custom widget.


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Thanks for you help ,

If i upload a code to the arduino to calibrate the sensor when cayenne receive data would it be the value after calibration ?

It depends on code which you upload to Arduino, you need to calibrate in in code first

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Yep so you could use a custom value widget to send some value to the Cayenne dashboard. The code running on your Arduino would calibrate the value as you wish and then Cayenne would just display the final number that’s sent to the custom widget :slight_smile: Let us know if that makes sense?

Thanks for you help @bilalmalikuet :slight_smile:


Yes that what i needed to know thanks !


you are welcome :slight_smile: @bestes