Arduino status LED


How to do a status LED on the Arduino and how to do a reset pin if you do not connect 5 Times?
Can anyone help me?

Arduino external power wont start script

Hi there,

Hmmm, help me understand what you are trying to accomplish. You want to turn on an LED?



I have a problem with my isp and need to know when arduino is online using LED
I have a problem with W5100 shield,when turn off power and turn on sometimes
does not start correctly


The on status LED light is super simple. If you set up a generic digital output widget and leave it turned on in the dashboard whenever the Arduino connects it will turn on. Getting it to turn off will be a bit harder, since you will have to modify Cayenne files. I’m going to be working with the files here in the next few days to finish up my battery powered DHT11 project so I’ll let you know what you need to do when I get there. As for the reset, I’m a bit confused why you would want that? Currently the Arduino will just constantly try to connect until it does.


thank you very much it’s very good idea, for the second problem I think I can use millis to check pin after time

Thanks :slight_smile:

I need reset pin because my W5100 shield, when I connect power supply, will not connect until i press the reset button


Yes this is a problem of this shield. Try something like this:
The led is on the pin number 9.

void setup (){
//Switch on the shield