Arduino Uno + ESP 01 as wifi shield -

Hi everybody,

I am using an arduino uno with an ESP 8266 as wifi shield. I am also using cayenne library CayenneMQTTESP8266Shield.h and tried to use softwareserial.h to create an additional serial port to communicate with ESP. I know there are other posts here about this theme but I would like to know why I am getting pretty good messages from the CAYENNE DEBUG (see below)? Does it mean that Cayenne dashboard should work?

there are some issue which are seen when used with software serial, you can connect it to hardware serial and turn OFF all serial debug output in the code. also, check that the esp baud is 115200.

Ok. Thank you. Actually, I had already tried to do so, but my esp baud rate was set to 19200. I will try to set to 115200 and see if it works. Thanks.

Do you know if sm already overcame this issue, I mean, succeeded in using serial software with Cayenne?

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nope, but you can try if you want, after couple of attempt it was not working for me.