Arduino UNO WiFi to cayenne dash board


How to Connect Arduino UNO WiFi to cayenne dash board ?

i brought new arduino uno with integrated wifi, now i would like to connect this device to cayenne.
earlier i connected arduino uno via ethernet shield to cayenne.
now please help me


Last I checked, the developer edition had an issue with ESP8266 module connecting to the internet. Can you confirm that your Uno WiFi can connect to the internet yet?



yes, i connected uno wifi to thingspeak



now also i uploaded default humidity and temperature values to thingspeak


Hi @kethireddy.tharun,

I am not familiar with this integrated board, but if the ESP and Uno are talking through serial and the ESP8266 has the default AT command set, this will work:




Ah, thanks for posting that @kreggly!

@kethireddy.tharun let us know how it goes :slight_smile:




Were you able to connect it to Cayenne?



i am unable to connect it to Cayenne…


Hello, since I already have Arduino Uno Wifi (With integrated ESP 8266 Module), @kethireddy.tharun are you able to connect it to the Cayenne?


Sorry, It is not connected to Cayenne… I am using Arduino Yun now…


Okey, I am starting to figure it out. I have read that even Arduino has problems with this board. I will make wider research.



If I had one, I’d sort it out even if we need to bang out our own driver. Looked at buying one, but they cost more than I’m willing to pay for functionality I already have.




You are right. :slight_smile:


I posted a similar question : I also have an Arduino Uno with Integrated Wifi. It connects to the internet without any issue. I tested it succesfully with ThingSpeak.

However, I do not understand how to connect it to cayenne, since cayenne only supports a limoted number of devices unfortunately. Cayenne tries to initialize the Wifi, but this is not necessary with my device (already done). So IMHO the easiest way to connect to the cayenne backend would be to get a URL and post a simple rest message : is it doable ?

Thanks !!



I don’t think Cayenne has a REST service yet.

Blynk doesn’t support it unless you run it through Caio and use their REST interface. Cayenne is using a subset of current Blynk functionality.

Our best bet is getting the Uno Wifi to talk MQTT as this is fully supported by Cayenne now.




Hi Craig,
Thanks for your answer.
However I am not sure to udnerstand what you’re suggesting : sorry for asking :wink: With Cayenne I need to choose the device I’m using, and the Uno with Integrated WiFi does not appear in the list. Which device shoukld I choose from the following list ? And how is MQTT going to help, since the issue with the sketches is when I’m trying to initialize Cayenne.
Thanks for your help !!


To be a bit more clear, this is the code I’m using to connect to Cayenne :

and this is what I see on the serial:

[0] MAC: FE-E5-A6-E6-E8-A5
[0] Getting IP…

And it hangs there.




There are two ways currently to connect to Cayenne.

The first way is using the Blynk library to connect to a port. The Blynk library relies on a standardized Wifi Library for the device being connected. The Uno Wifi device’s Wifi library doesn’t work, and the libraries that do work are not compatible with Blynk - unless you use the Caio library and the Blynk REST interface which isn’t supported by Cayenne currently.

The other way is by using the MQTT interface. Cayenne has libraries for that too, but they are not compatible for the above mentioned reasons. However, MQTT is a standard that can be implemented WITHOUT using the Cayenne libraries. I’m sure that we can cobble some code together that uses the Caio library that talks MQTT.

I see you just posted some code, and yes, there are issues with the UnoWifiDevEd library.