Arduino Yun+DHT22

Dear all, new user to Cayenne platform. I am using an Arduino Yun, a 4 relay board and a DHT22 sensor. The problem i am facing is that although relay buttons works perfect, while reading temperature humidity and heat index values from the DHT22 sensor and using Celsius as unit when adding the gauge widget, the platform displays measurements in Fahrenheit in my desktop, ios app, but in android app values are displayed in Celsius as wanted.

Desktop View

iPhone View

Android View

Kind Regards

It seems to be a bug, I’ve seen other people posting about it and the solution was to read the values as Celsius and then send the value to Cayenne via cayenne.virtualwrite() instead of cayenne.celsiuswrite()

Hi, Adam
I have tried both solutions. None of them works in desktop/ios environment. Only android displays it correctly. Only if you set a trigger, then you get the option to check the measurement in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Also in the Gauge widget if you choose humidity for example and in the units we select percent, the % icon is not shown in the widget.


Hi @ufrtgr,

Yep, this is a bug that we will be fixing. Sorry about that! I’ll update you when it is fixed.