Arduino Yun: PWM output



Arduino Yun PWM output

I have tried to control the brightness of a LED on Digital Pin 9.
I tried playing with different minimum and maximum settings and also just leaving them to default to whatever values they are when created. When I move the slider up and down, I don’t notice any changes to the LED brightness. Except when the Analog value is zero. When the value is zero, the LED switches off. Any non-zero number, turns the LED on, and the brightness is the same regardless of the slider (non-zero) value.

Here is a snapshot of the slider with default values selected:


Also this program allows you to select non-PWM pins for a PWM output?


This is the same for an Arduino Uno with an Ethernet Shield


We’ve successfully used PWM pins with Piezo buzzer (changing the sound frequency). We’ve tried to replicate the PWM with an LED, as you’ve described, and have run into same issue. Since we can reproduce, we should be able to come up with a fix for this. Keep you posted!



Hi, I’m experiencing the exact same issue using pwm on a Yun. Any other slider value than 0.0 results in the led switching off. I see no dimming. I’ve attached a screenshot of the settings below.

More details: I’m using the red led from a common anode LED on Pin 9 of an Arduino Yun.

Has there been any progress on a fix for this?

I love Cayenne and it has accelerated my imagination now that so much of the routine coding has been taken away. I appreciate any insight on this issue.



We have not yet looked into a fix for this. But good news! Our (small) team is expanding which will give us more bandwidth to fix issues like these. So, hang in there! We will fix this and make sure your experience with Cayenne is best it can be. Will just take some time. I can update you when fix should go out.



@meyotch @arduinobasics1 Hey guys,

This should be fixed now. Let us know otherwise please!