Be able to download more data per day

Hello to all,
I just met the world of Cayenne and I feel fantastic.
I tried to connect a DHT22 and obtain a graph… perfect !!!
The only problem is that the steps in the daily chart are “one hour.”
How can I do to have a “detail” every 10 minutes?
Thank you

Welcome to Cayenne!

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but you can switch between live, minute, day, week, etc by clicking the links at the top of the graph.

Hi Adam,
thank you very much for the welcome.

No. I need more details for period.
An example: If I switch to “day” I read only one parameter per hour.
I would like read a value every ten minutes.

In other words, if I download the “day csv file” I only found 24 values!

If the step is 10 minutes I would get 144 values per day

Ah, ok I see what you mean. I thought you wanted to see a graph point every 10 minutes which wouldn’t be practical. Yeah, I think it was brought up before that the csv file should include a lot more data than it currently does. I’ll switch your post to ideas/suggestions.

HI @cariba2000,

This is something that we will be re-vamping in the future. As you can imagine, allowing all users to download all data is very resource intensive. Probably won’t be done till next year, but will definitely keep you updated on it. It’s a very important feature for us to get out the door.


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