Best way to PH sensor on Pi


I bought this PH sensor and I have a pi 3b+ and pi zero
What is the best way to get this into cayenne?

I’ve read some stuff like use one of these Electrochemical Sensing Circuit - Compatible Microprocessor UART or I2C Protocol

But I also read it would be easier to just hook the analog output pin from the PH meter to one of the adafruit ADS1115 16-Bit ADC - 4 Channel with Programmable Gain

What would be the easier way? I like the idea of using the adafruit analog to digital.
If i add it as new device is there a way to calibrate it? to show the correct ph values? I have ph 4 and 7 here but how does configuring cayenne work?

secondary if I use the adafruit digital to analog converter can I add some soil sensors to it too?I’ve read they can meter on the analog pin but the normal digital way to hook them to a pi only does 0/1 on/off.


Pi agent 2.0 does not support extension board and pH sensor so you will need to do some coding for the same and add device to cayenne using

you can try I2C

what do you mean by configuration?

for soil moisture sensor you dont need a ADC


on the configuration I mean what if ( i dont know yet ) the adafruit causes it to use numbers like 4100 instead of 4.1ph. or 6345.223 instead of 6.3 would there be a way to configure that so the panel/tile only shows 6.3ph value and not a long list of digital output.

I’ve done the pi digital soil meter but I thought the analog would give a graph of moisture\resistance value instead of just a wet or dry. type on signal.


To configure the value as 6.3 you need to do the conversion in your code.
Something like this.

y = x / 1000