Blink or flash LED


I just started using Cayenne and have a question about LED control.
It seems that when setting up a trigger, I can only make the LED turn on or off. Is there a way to make it flash/blink instead? That is a better indicator because it would rule out the case that the line was set to high or low for some reason.

If not, where would I go to make this recommendation/suggestion.

Thank you


If it’s Arduino, you can use the Timer library with a virtual output and the Interval function to flash an LED at a defined rate.




Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I am using a Raspberry Pi.


Then you can get mqtt going with the pi say using Python and the GPIO and
Timer examples to do it.

I’d give you an example, but I’m mobile right now.




Please excuse my ignorance. I’ve read about MQTT but for the life of me, can’t figure out what it’s for. Am I missing something important here?


If you look here under Bring Your Own Devices API, it gives an example of how to do it with C++ on the Pi.

@adam also has an example or two on here using Python if you would prefer.