Broken Link? Arduino Beta


I see:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


Hi @terry1,

Can I ask where you got that link? Arduino isn’t really in Beta in any real sense anymore, other than perhaps in our mobile apps. So go ahead and add your Arduino devices to your Cayenne account, and use us on the community as a resource if you get stuck!



Scroll down to:
---------------------( COPY )---------------------
Welcome to the myDevices Cayenne Community

NEW! Arduino Beta integration is out the door! Check it out here

This is a community forum for all Cayenne users to discuss their experiences, ask questions, report bugs, and request feature enhancements. We look forward to your feedback!
-----------------( END COPY )----------------------
click on the “Check it out here”…

(I run a couple sites and I don’t LIKE broken links :slight_smile: