Cannot add NODEMCU ESP-12E into the cayenne!


Hii friends, i have a NODEMCU ESP-12E wifi module and wanted to add it into the cayenne but it seems it’s impossible, because i don’t see its name to select and in MQTT library examples i didn’t found compatible example with that to test its connectivity and add it to the cayenne via MQTT in the make your own thing window. but i saw many iot projects that used this board and used cayenne to monitor their results. Can anyone help me? :cold_sweat:


waiting for solution >>


Hi @fardadjung,

I’m going to close this thread since we covered this in a couple other ones. By all means, if you have any trouble or questions about what I posted in those threads, let me know and I’ll help you out, I’m sure we can get this devices connected to Cayenne for you!