Cayenne android app hangs, esp8266 arduino mqtt


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    "unfortunately, cayenne has stopped."

i am using the above for a simple light control. ESP8266 based nodemcu.
I am using the Arduino for the code.

Previously wasn’t using mqtt, until today, had to change over to mqtt .
after changing over to mqtt codes, the devices (2) i can control them through the web, but when I use android app, the two devices is shown as offline.

when I click on the button, it shows the “unfortunately, cayenne has stopped” screen.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstall the app, no difference.

2nd problem … scheduling, i cant add the mqtt button to scheduling ???

some help or pointers please ?
tq in advance.


thank you for reporting this.

currently you have to schedule from the web dashboard only.


I’ve some how fixed it.
I deleted the original button, and add a new button.

so far it seems to be good.
even android app doesnt show the problem anymore


the team has fixed some of the bugs. thank you.