Cayenne Docs, please don't impose YouTube!

Thank you for that great Cayenne!
But please consider writing the doc here differently.

The video is completely useless.
The instructions are so simple:
After verifying your Raspberry Pi is setup and powered on, you can continue with connecting your device to Cayenne. For that go to your Cayenne dashboard and select “Add new”.
Chose Raspberry pi
Cut and paste the two SSH instructions.

The video is just a waste of time and at worst confusing.

specially point 11 and there are many more.

My god!
How deep did we fall, to find watching a 90 seconds video better than reading 4 lines of text?
Sorry, but I had to say that.

well, you are the only one complaining about it.

I’m aware on that.
Am I too old-school or just ahead of my time?

Anyhow you did a tremendous good job on making the procedure to run Cayenne that easy.
You could consider writing the sentence :
For that go to your Cayenne dashboard and select “Add new” and chose Raspberry Pi.
to your doc.
It’s amazingly simple, congratulations!, but not the usual way one would necessarily expect the installation procedure on a Raspberry to start with.

By the way I miss this statement in the video too…
At 0:017 you mentioned "…the text you get “here”… but never mentioned, what “here” is supposed to be.

Just my few cent…

wow, thank you. will take into consideration all your advise. :slightly_smiling_face: