Cayenne is free o trial?

Cayenne is free, trial or have a type of little letter?

Hello Sir, right now, Cayenne is free.

Just to add a bit to what @ognqn.chikov has said, we intend for Cayenne to remain free in the future for makers and hobbyists like most of us on this community. We’re developing premium features to appeal to the business/enterprise sector, but these would be in addition to what you see now – we won’t take anything away from the functionality you see currently.

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So to summarize.

Like a summer rain… like wifi at Starbucks… like when you found a hair in your soup… WHUT?!

Cayenne is FREE!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:


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Jajajaja, thks


What about long term storage? I am excited about being able to view long term trends however is there a cutoff or database size limit per user?

We don’t have any restriction like this implemented right now (at least for a reasonable amount of data – let me know if you’re planning to hit us with terabytes of sensor data :slight_smile: )

If we introduce one in the future, we’ll be sure to announce it here with lead time to extract your data if you’re not interested.

Haha, No plans for anything of that magnitude.

Thanks for the info