Colors in the digital inputs


Hi team,

I hope you are very well, I have a suggestion in the digital inputs, it would be great if the digital inputs could have an option to change the color, right now the only color when is active is green, but I want to set the color to red because that input will be an alarm, or maybe to yellow because that input will be a warning.

Like this:

Thanks as always have a great 2017


I am working on a project right now that needs this very feature. Would you agree that it should have a similar interface as the gauge?

I do like the way the gauge limits work, the above example is for my fish tank, does a fine job. Although I could use another color, say blue for example.

Great idea,



Hi Ian,

Wow, that is great, the idea comes for my fish thank too, I am working in the auto-fill tank system, so I want to show in red when my bottle of water is empty with a digital level sensor:

As the gauge interface from the right is nice :smiley:


Lots of folks working with aquariums and fluid levels out there.

If you were wondering how the gauge ranges came to be, it is outlined here-

That was a discussion from last April and I think the Cayenne team did a great job of implementing the recommendations.



Nice Ian,

Lets hope this could come this month :D, cross fingers :wink: