Customizations in Cayenne Dashboard

Hello Everybody,

Does anybody know if users are able to change colors to icons and switches? I mean that if I want to make and three different switches that trigger Red, Green and Blue lights, it is more aesthetic if the switch buttons are with the corresponding colors. Also another good option is, customer to be able to upload a custom Icons for widgets and etc.

I am looking forward to hear some news.

Thank you.

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This will be improving shorty, this month we’re planning to release 2 State and status widgets which will allow you to set emoji and text, so you can do things like have a thumbs up emoji when your temperature is in a desired range, or snow if it is too cold, etc.

We’ve also got a gallery widget feature on the horizon which will allow you to display custom images. I will add your suggestions about recoloring or adding custom icons to the existing widgets. I think they are good ones and would make the platform a lot more extensible. Thanks!


I also want to thank you about the wide explanation. Also is there anyway that users can help to develop the platform because just posting here ideas is not big deal. What about thinking of a section where different people can help with current tasks. This will make the community and platform much more reliable.

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Sounds great, is it going to be in a soon coming release?