Connect Arduino Uno with Node MCU wifi and send data to Cayenne

Got any idea how to go on with the issu in subject?? I m really blocked

why dont you just use nodemcu and use its I/O pins to connect the sensor?

Hello, i tried but still nothing.
P.s: no sensor , i just want to connect the Arduino Uno to Node MCU and after to Cayenne. This is because Arduino Uno has no WI-FI or ETH capabilities.
I would really need some step to stepp guidance…i m a kind of newbe on this

and do what? what is the application?

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The Idea is that after i would manage to send data from Arduino to Cayenne , i could connect to this first one varius sensors and create triggers on Cayenne. But first, i need to get this Arduino Uno connected on Cayenne and there is no other way except by using the MCU

you can connect the sensor directly to nodemcu and connect the nodemcu to cayenne.

As said, i want to make the connection mentioned. If you think you can help with some codes and wiring diagram would be perfect.If not, no problem,Thanks again,

If you employ the Uno as a sensor and send data to the nodeMCU then pass that data to Cayenne you have to decide on analog or digital data from the Uno. This presumes that you are going to use the Arduino Uno as an instrument amplifier/ pre-processor. You will have to program the two units separately. What is the application?

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Hello rludyk,Thanks a lot for the response! I would like to send data from the Temperature sesnor TMP36 GZ to Arduino Uno , successively from Arduino Uno to Node Mcu and from Node MCU via WIFI connection to Cayenne. Thanks again.

why not just use the nodemcu in place of the arduino. The NodeMcu is just an ESP8266. What you want to do will work but is so much more complicated. You have to write the sketch the Arduino temp sensor using TMP36.
Then add NodeMcu to Cayenne (I add mine as ESP8266) add the arduino as a sensor to that and the tmp sensor to the arduino. The path has to be represented. You can eliminate the arduino. The same code will work on the NodeMCU you just need to include the Cayenne libs

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Thanks a lot! I think i will do like that.