Connect Google Assistant to Cayeen

How to connect Google Assistant to Cayeen?

did you search for it in the community? Google Assistant integration with cayenne

also, can you just continue asking all your issue in one topic rather than creating a new one for each issue you have?

Excuse me I’m a beginner … If I had a question, where should I ask my question?

you can continue asking all your issue in single topic.

Ok…Thank you very much for your support

I use nodemcu board…and this tutorial Very dumb explained

sorry, if you think it is dumb but i have explained pretty much everything that is needed and if you cannot understand it, try and do something on your own.

Does this tutorial work for every kind of board?

have you gone through the tutorial atleast? you need to follow the tutorial by adam to first add your device to node-red. it can be any device (in your case nodemcu)

Unfortunately, I have no information about the node red😔

then please dont comment like this.
To start with go through this and get familiar with node-red Getting Started : Node-RED
once done, have it installed on your raspberry pi using adams tutorial, and get cayenne working on it.