Conversion to Arduino MQTT

Hi Adam,
I have not revisited this for a while. Has there been any action on re-ordering widgets on the mobile ap? It really is required to make sense of a screen with many widgets on it.

I don’t believe so. @shramik_salgaonkar is that right?

@cr.stubbs is the problem still there.can you give it a try.

Yes … still the same. You can move the widgets around on the iphone screen. They will stay there for the current session, but when you shut down the Ap their positions revert to the original layout next time you open the Ap.
A bit frustrating when you have lots of wigets and they relate to one another - in my case a battery voltage display widget that relates to the ON/OFF display widget for that radio.

Okay I will push forward this bug to the team. Mean while can you give a try by adding the widget name as channel 1 channel 2 and …

Still nothing happening here? I am surprised if I am the only one who is finding it frustrating. I"m not sure why renaming the widgets would help? They are not in alphabetical order anyway.

@cr.stubbs team is working on this bug. will update you once we have a solution.