Data logging - Day view


I think I have found some significant info. The Minute and Hour views are correct (see below). I can open and close the door repeatedly and the correct binary state is reported

It is the Day view which is incorrect. This is also the view that does not generate a full 24 hr history view, so I think there is a bug in the Day view only


Everything except live data view are showing averages, that’s why you see 0.x value with your digital sensor in the daily view.
We plan to fix that in a later release.

Ok thanks very much. That explains everything


On the matter of the full 24 hour graph on the daily view: that has been complained about here on the message boards for a while … a few times by me. The management does not seem to officially recognize the problem, so I’m not confidant if it is on the action plan … maybe just down near the bottom :grinning:

You say you are missing the most recent 4 hours, but my observation (on 15 second data) was that 8-9 most recent hours was missing from the Cayenne App. But today I look at it, and I get 8 hours from 24 hours ago, and then 16 hours are missing. Perhaps it is different in different circumstances ???

My solution was to write my own app from the CaySimple library. Here is what I see on a data source that updates a Cayenne series every 15 seconds with a HHMM.SS number, which should run from 0 to 2359.59. As you can see, the Cayenne App gives me 8 hours from yesterday morning, then 16 hours missing, but the homemade App gives the full 24 hour cycle, with the midnight reset.

@asanchezdelc any idea ?


We do recognize the problems and trust me we are working to get these data issues resolved. We are currently undergoing data management development due to EU GDPR compliance and that affects everything within our infrastructure. I want to re-iterate that no data is lost, is just that the UI is not retrieving everything within the filter as it should. You can confirm that with your own application, the data is there.

We’ll keep everyone up to date with the latest development progress.

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Hello, any progress? (last post has 20 months).
Best regards and happy new year 2020

Which specific issue are you referring to ?

“It is currently 10:39pm as shown in the screenshot, but the Day data log is not the full 24 hrs”

Please share the code on how you used the caysimple library or even better put up a youtube video on how to do it.

They discontinued the REST API.