DHT11/DHT22 with Raspberry Pi


You’ll have to make that folder then, it’s not there by default. mkdir /home/pi/python


Where exactly do I place them and did I properly uncomment for the dht11 to not be included?


Thank you for the help sir … is there a specific one you recommend IDE ?.. I am currently using putty if that’s helps for my ssh


For python I suggest you to use PyCharm, also Notepad++ is good. Open new file and save it as .py and then copy the code to review it and fix the indentation.


hello everyone, I followed the guide in the first post, and now my DHT22 sensor connected to my Raspberry RPI1 works perfectly.

My system is a RPI1 connected with a DS18B20 sensor, a relay and a sensor DHT22.

But I have noticed that sometimes the portal “cayenne.mydevices.com” (or even iOS app) my Raspberry, is showed “offline.” While instead DHT22 sensor is online and continues to transmit data.

How can I solve this problem?

UPDATE: It seems a problem caused on the initial boot, because if you restart the raspberry, sometimes it occurs and sometimes not.



second “BUG” if I go to project on the iOS app, I can’t found the DHT sensor (and is not possible to add it)


MQTT devices are not yet supported on mobile devices…


Ho doerek, and for the first problem? Cayenne RPI-sode sometimes offline after SSH “sudo reboot” in line command?


Hello @andrea.mattioni maybe it is a network issue?


What would be a realistic time line ? i am trying to complete my project and be able to use the ios app to view my DHT22 Remotely


I don’t think so, becouse DHT22 sensor connected to the same RPI, continues to send data regularly to cayenne.


As I know, they are hard working to fix this issue. I cannot say a specific time, I believe neither they can…:slight_smile:


I see that DHT22 value is not stored on graphic, is this a known issue?


I see also that TRIGGERS based on DHT22 value are not working, is this a known issue?


Same issue for me, i see temperature and humidity value but no data are stored for the graph :frowning:


Graphs for MQTT Devices are not supported, yet


I think they are supported, mine is working:


Oh, you`re right…didnt know that. Sorry for the false information…

as you can see i`m getting lots of false readings…

But every 10-20sec a legit reading comes through…


any idea how to fix it? becouse I have no data stored :frowning:


This night graphs started working…no mod from my side. probably a temporary issue!

some strange reads also for me


I confirm, same situation for me.