DHT22 Support

DHT22 - is there any way these are supported yet, or alternatively, is there another way to get both the temp and humidity easily?

Try this for Arduino.


If it is for the Raspberry pi it will work with the MQTT. It is on the roadmap so there will most likely be support in the future for adding through the site.

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Is using MQTT and a Python script running on the Pi an acceptable solution? If so let me know and I’ll write something up for you. I actually got everything wired up a few days ago to do this and got side tracked when I started bringing together the python.

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I think I would be happy with that, as long as it works, and it does not require me to do any programming as I have no idea how to do that. I have no idea what MQTT is or what is needed to have it working.

I would really appreciate it If you could post your Solution.
I`m buildung a Greenhouse with 2xDS18b20 1x4Channel Relay & 2xDHT22

I was messing with it a bit last night and got some python code reading the DHT11 and DHT22 connected to the Pi so now I just have to combine all my code and write up a how to. Hopefully I’ll get some time tonight.

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@doerek @robertmenard63

Here it is: DHT11/DHT22 with Raspberry Pi


Is there a solution to use or embedd Cayenne My Devices to my project? I have an industrial Temperature and Humidity monitoring solution, that working fine now. I use client(s)-server infrastructure. I think we should use Cayenne for more flexibility on device use. I want to use exclusive UART for communication with my TDAQ3 module (enhanced I/O hardware that’s read 8 dht11/22 and 12 ds18x20 sensors with long wire, up to 200m…). It’s possible to use Cayenne full UART/serial facilities (now i use pyserial)? Please take a look on this project: Industrial Temperature Monitoring System - WTM-01-XD - YouTube
Many thanks!