Do the Automatic Washing Machine (Laundry) works with out coins?


Hi guys,

please any help o suggestion for my idea. Is there any possibility with cayenne and Arduino to make any system that actives-starts the laundry machine that actually is working with the euro Coins (1x3)?

Any idea friends? Any similar proyect just created?

Thanks a lot:)


It seems achievable. You can make a counter and if the coins are > 3 then set a trigger to turn on the washing machine. After for example 2 hours (or the program length) set the trigger to turn off the washing machine.


Thanks a lot for your help.

Now the washing machines work with coins, when you get it on 3 euro coins, it starts washing, lasts 25 minutes approximately and stops alone. I would need to activate the “wash start” from a cayenne button simulating the actual coin counter for three passes.

You now any example project for do it?


I don’t know example project but I can give you some recommendations :slight_smile:

You have to know how your coin acceptor works…
I recommend you the following product of Adafruit:

You also will need arduino with some Internet connection (wired or wireless).

Also relay board would be needed.
How KWats is the washing machine?

We can start to discuss some major things to help you with basic scheme and configuration.

Also this one could be some kind helpfull: