Email trigger for events

Hi, I have an Amazon Dot which can send an email with the shopping list, at least in the US and the UK. I am in Portugal so i don’t have access to this functionality and nobody seems to have a good reason for it.

Well, I tought that, if I could put in my shopping list an item (lets say, left blind up), and then send this shopping list to Cayenne, I could use voice control to do a lot of actions, Cayenne would just receive the email, parse the subject and trigger an event based on the content of the emails subject. I could move blinds up & down, turn switches On & Off, whatever.

Is this in your roadmap ? Can you consider it ?

Regards and good job.

You can do this now with a Node-RED/Cayenne hybrid using MQTT. In node red you would start your flow off with an email in node to read from your configured mailbox then read the message and pass the relevant bits to Cayenne. I think it’s a cool feature but supporting natively with Cayenne might get a bit out of hand. @bestes what do you think?

Adam, thanks for your reply but I am afraid I cannot program anymore. If this involves programming other than visual, it’s not my field.