Esp01 goes off line


Hi. ive got 1 esp01 online .i then configured a second esp01. new credentials.
First one goes offline and second one is never found.started over three times always same problem. any ideas


i am not sure what this is about. can you add #define CAYENNE_DEBUG in your second esp and open serial monitor. check what is the output and share here.


Hi, Thanks
Ok I have flashed the esp01s with just a blink sketch.
That is working so what code do i need to flash them with so that they connect to the dashboard of Cayenne. Mine is always saying waiting for board. If you could point me in the right direction .

Thanks again


are you using esp01 as shield or as a standalone?


as a standalone


uncomment #define CAYENNE_DEBUG


Thanks .That worked straight away.
If I wanted to use an esp-1 connected to an arduino to give the arduino wifi connectivity. what sketch is that ?


the sketch is recommended for arduino mega
you can find all the connection example codes in here


It sounds like you are using the same MQTT credentials on each device. It kicks your first one off and never connects to the second.