ESP13 Shield from Supported?


Has anyone used this shield? I believe it requires a different sketch.


I have not, but you can still program it standalone, and use the sketch in the HowTo.

You only need a different sketch if you plan on putting a sketch in the Uno and using the ESP as a shield.

I posted some tips on doing this, but I can’t remember if I tested it myself.

Will see what I can throw together this week.



Try this:


The ESP13 from is a Arduino Uno Wifi shield. So I am wiring code the Arduino and using the ESP13 as a Wifi shield.

It does not require you to connect to the SSID as this does by using a configuration page on it’s built in web server.

I have been less than successful talking to it from the UNO :slight_smile:


Are you OK using mqtt? I have an arduino uno wifi from .org which is very similar to what you described. I can try to get a sketch working on it with mqtt and share it with you of that will work?


I had to google what mitt was, but that should work. I can certainly give
it a go.

These shields are very inexpensive from ebay/China so if you can figure it
out, I suspect there would be many others interested.