ESP8266 NodeMCU, Max30100, IOT and SPIFFS -COVID19 : Online Heart rate and SpO2 monitor

About This Project

In the present COVID1-9 pandemic condition one important parameter to monitor is the Blood Oxygen saturation. For people with no or mild symptoms, a drop in oxygen level is an alarm for immediate medical assistance. Finger based pulse oximeters are in high demand for the same reason. However data-logging and remote monitoring is difficult with them.

Here I show a mobile HRM and SpO2 monitor with NodeMCU - ESP8266 and MAX30100 - a board from Maxim instruments. The readings are stored in the NodeMCU flash memory that can be read later. Cayenne platform gives an excellent way to monitor the readings (and hence the patient’s/family member’s health) online through browser. Cayenne lets you set a trigger like sms if the values fall below/above acceptable limits and alerts you immediately.

A detailed description about the code is at GitHub:

When powered with mobile using a OTG cable, the project is completely mobile, hence the blood oxygen saturation and heart rate can be monitored while moving around or while doing any sporting activity like running, cycling, etc.

What’s Connected

  1. NodeMCU ESP8266
  2. MAX30100
  3. WiFi.

Triggers & Alerts

Alerts can be set as required.

Dashboard Screenshots



One of the best project to have now. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks :slight_smile: