ESP8266-Nucleo connection problem - mbed


I flash this code (Cayenne-ESP8266Interface - Example for connecting to Cayenne using the ESP82… | Mbed) on my Nucleo STM32F401RE which is connected with a ESP8266 wifi module. I have followed the tutorial about how to connect device on Cayenne platform and after compiling i get this error:
Initialiizing interface
Connecting to
MQTT connect failed, error: -1
Connection failed, exiting

What is wrong?

Thank you in advance.

have you set the correct IP address??

// Use Cayenne IP instead of "" since the ESP8266Interface doesn't support looking up the domain name.
#define CAYENNE_IP ""

I have already tried these IPs: ( ), ( ).

you can get the IP with host

Thank you very much!! It works!!