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Model B+

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It seems that I have trouble installing cayenne on my raspberry PI Model B+.
Every time I start with a fresh restart, and after 2 ~ 3 reboots pi will stop booting up. ACT and PWR leds will remain lighted up and pi will pi boot at all.

I did some test and if i do not install cayenne, my pi will operate just normal so I think it is not the SD card.
I haven’t found any recent issues similar to this on forum.

If I avoid doing some reboots, i manage to get the dash up and running but it seems that I can’t control any GPIO pins. Please let me know if you had similar issue and what else can try.
Should I start considering my PI Model B+ broken?
(PS I installed cayenne successfully on my pi Model B so I think I’'m not doing anything weird )


Welcome to Cayenne!

You’re right, I don’t remember seeing anything quite like this. Can you hook up to a TV to see what the output is from the pi? My guess would be something SD card related. Do you have a spare to test with? Also be sure to download the latest raspbian image from May.