Getting started with LinkIt ONE

About This Project

Because the native gpio of Raspberry are limited, I decided to try using Arduino, but to connect to the Internet I had no wifi shield only Ethernet but did not have enough cable to connect the Arduino to my Modem, and seeing community projects, I saw that ESP8266 had connected a Cayenne, and apparently there are not native support for this board, so I got to thinking. First I thought also use my NodeMCU, but I remembered that I have a LinkIt Duo and LinkIt ONE, both with WiFi connection too so it would seem more interesting. Of course we should get me to the source codes to make an adjustment.

What’s Connected

LinkIt ONE over WiFi to Cayenne

Reviewing sources, apparently quite it used Blynk libraries, the good news is that Blynk has support for LinkIt Duo, so it takes only create new bridges to Cayenne.


  1. Adding a New Device (Select Arduino UNO)

  2. Modify Sources in Library Folder
    2.1 Clone CayenneWiFi.h to CayenneLWiFi.h

2.2 Modify CayenneWiFiClient.h

2.3 Change connection statement on BlynkSimpleLinkItONE.h for WPA Direct Connection

3. Upload Base Sketch

4. Cayenne recognizes the board

5. Rename the Device

6. Adding New Widget with Virtual Pin

7. Upload New Sketch

8. Testing Widget

Awesome ingenuity!!!